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The Muggle Studies classroom is always locked. In fact, there are few rooms in the castle with as much magical protection. There’s a special password needed to enter that’s distributed carefully to the year’s students on the first day of classes. They are sworn to secrecy and, to date, no one has broken that trust.

There’s more to this security than just fear of vandalism, though there has been that. Charity Burbage spent more than her fair share of time scrubbing nasty messages off her office door when she first started teaching. For a while it was a point of pride that she used her own effort to remove the hateful words. Then came the morning when she fell asleep next to a bucket of soapy water and was nearly late for her first lesson of the day. After that, she cast a Repelling Charm on her office and tried not to feel guilty about it.

The real reason for the layers of charms wrapped around the classroom is what goes on after hours.  If you were to stroll by on any given night. you may see a tearful first year or a stressed out fifth year or even a cool and confident prefect strolling up to the door.  You’d see them execute a complex set of wand patterns, whisper a word, and look around furtively before they enter. 

If you were to follow them in (and I would not suggest this, for the room has its own way of dealing with intruders), you’d see students of all Houses and years, talking and studying and reading. But you may miss what they have in common: they’re all Muggle born. This classroom is the after-hours refuge of those who feel as if they don’t belong, those who find themselves trapped between the magical and the mundane, their parents and their classmates. Here there are shelves of magazines whose covers don’t move; there are stacks of textbooks on science and math, heavy tomes of Shakespeare and thin volumes of poetry.

In the corner you may see Justin Finch-Fletchley studying for his A-levels. He had promised his mum that he would at least try for them, even if he wasn’t sure he would ever leave the magical world. Sometimes Hermione Granger joins him, and they teach each other calculus and world history and pore over the periodic table. 

By the fireplace you could find that tearful first year sitting with the calm prefect, their heads bent close. You might hear the first year pour out his heart, outline his fears, confess his insecurities. The prefect could respond in kind, admitting to the knot of confusion that lies underneath her placid exterior. They might then take out their wands and practice a spell, or pull out a child’s fairy tale collection and read aloud.

If you were a Muggle-born, this might be your sanctuary. It might be the place you miss most when you go home for the summer and try to fit your square peg into a world of round holes. It might be what you defend at the Battle of Hogwarts, fighting for your right to be confused and not fit in. It might be why you come back as the new Muggle Studies professor, why you create an after-hours class to help others get their A-levels and apply to university.

But then again, it might be just another classroom.

(written and submitted by the lovely ppyajunebug. There’s a tremendous sweetness to this that I find very appealing, something comforting about knowing that the Muggle-borns have their own space. This blog often explores the horrifying and strange, but sometimes it’s nice to consider good things, as well.)  



i think it’s cute when someone admits they have a crush on you

i think it’s a fucking miracle 




Strategic hand placement. ;)

So … she wants to be Chris Evans when she grows up?

She wasn’t even subtle. it was like slow mo “everybody see what i be doing?”



ok please watch this vid of my perfect former street cat eat. will not disappoint I promise.

it’s just shoveling food into its mouth
this cat is actually a cat I would probably like

[Dipper Pines - Glaring]


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 8: Favourite Moment

Dreamscaperers: Why Grunkle Stan’s Hard on Dipper

This is by far my favourite moment in the entirety of Gravity Falls. Throughout the course of the season, Grunkle Stan has always picked on and teased Dipper, leaving him to believe that his great uncle hates him. But that moment when the acoustic guitar plays and all of Grunkle Stan’s memories are presented to us, I was just as stricken with as much awe as Dipper was. It was nice to see a softer side to Grunkle Stan as well as watching Dipper’s confidence boost. Plus, it must have meant a lot to Soos to have Stan open up to him like that. There’s just so many good things to have come from this scene.

Honourable Mention(s): Dipper vs. Gideon in Gideon Rises


how come i can keep a poker face on when reading aggressive frickling and frackling but i end up a gooey mess when there are cute nose boops and shy kisses and shit


I tried to design some Starchans. 

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